The Beautiful Step Ladder!

June 5, 2013

Sometimes I do a job for a client and I come across a little gem that makes my tummy do a little flip and I get a vision of a beautiful picture and my heart speeds up and I literally HAVE to take the shot.  In this case, I knew I was wildly pushing the boundaries of artistic license according to the clients brief, but even so, it is one of my favourite ‘one minute distracted from the job in hand’ moments I’ve ever had.

I came across this beautiful little step ladder whilst on site in Windsor photographing a job for Ozone Interiors .  I was there to take the ‘during’ pictures of an office refurbishment that my client was half way through completing.  Amongst the tools, and ‘builders smiles’, and general (organised) chaos, I spotted these delicious steps.  It did tickle me that these delicate old faithfuls had found there way into the building and I wondered which one of the big burly builders they belonged to.  I really wanted to take them home, and did have a short little day dream about how pretty they’d look in my bedroom with books stacked on the steps and wondered how many Ginsters Slices they may be worth ;0)  But I was too embarrassed to ask, so I will never know, wish I had though.  Anyway, here they are, basking in glorious natural light, and shot super quick before anyone noticed, which they probably did….but then I’m sure they just thought mad photographer, what’s she doing….it wouldn’t be the first time, and definitely won’t be the last!  I love you steps xxx


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The Beautiful Step Ladder!