Still Life ‘a la Francais’

June 7, 2013

Well I thought this image deserved a little mention as even though it is soooo old now, it is still one of my faves.  Although it’s a bit dark and twisty, there’s something a bit spooky about the composition that seems to push my buttons, and I just really love the colours and the light.

It was taken in an abandoned Priory in rural France where the French President’s right hand man stayed during the war.  It is a beautiful run down old building, and even though I was so scared I was going to fall through the rotten floor boards, it was so worth the adventure!  One of my many little scrapes where I only just escaped being chased down the road by an old man in his Citroen.  Oooh la la!!!!


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Still Life ‘a la Francais’