June 7, 2013

How to explain this image…..uuum…..I was on holiday in Ireland with my family and I was in my final year of my degree, and very into the whole ‘art’ scene, everything was highly conceptual, and very serious and mysterious!  At the time I was obsessed with birds, and loved Masahisa Fukase’s ‘The Solitude of Ravens’ so wanted to take a portrait inspired by some of the pictures in his book.  So, I decided it was a fine idea to ask my sister to come for a walk with me in her dressing gown, just to see what happens!  ‘Bend over and scrunch yourself up all strange and broken’ I said, ‘No!  Like a raven, like a bird Nicola’….click, and here we have it, a very odd but quite beautiful family snap!  I’ve always secretly hoped that it will make it on to an album cover one day, hmmm perhaps I should start learning the guitar!!

Shot on…..

Ilford Delta 400 film on my medium format Mamiya RZ67


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