About Kayla…..

Well firstly thank you for dropping by!

I’ve been taking photographs for as long as I can remember.  For me photography goes far beyond a tool for documenting life, it is a voice, a quiet story teller and the chance to capture a stolen moment in time and make it beautiful forever.

In the 3 years I have been photographing weddings, I am yet to become hardened to the emotion and the happiness which un-folds before my eyes.  My style is in-obtrusive, I love pretty pictures, and these are hard to force, so I let the love in the room, and the atmosphere in the air create the image, (although sometimes I do give it a little bit of a tickle, just to help it along!)

Aside from weddings, since becoming a mum myself, children’s portraiture is something I find utterly irresistible.  I really added my ‘Blog’ page as a (secret!) self indulgent opportunity to bombard you with pictures of my little girl.  But hopefully by blurting out ALL of my photography escapades on to these pages you will be able to build a more colourful and bigger picture of who I am and what it is I really do.

I also produce work on an artistic level and have exhibited in various London galleries over the years.  I am represented by Millennium Images, where some of my pictures have been brought and used for book covers and featured in magasines.

Oh, and in case your wondering if i’m qualified, I do have a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Photography from Brighton University…..and I have won prizes!

So as I write this with my ‘How To build a Website’ book open on the table, I hope that by the time you come to read this I am a web building genius, and I have masses for you to look through, and you have tea, and biscuits, and a really comfy arm chair!

Well thank you for taking a peek, and I would love to chat.

Kayla x